2007 Training Schedule Announced

My, how the time flies!! It seems like just yesterday that we started the Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training, and here it is nearly a year later. This update is long overdue by any standard.

I first want to thank all of you who have attended courses or registered for upcoming courses, through the Institute. I have seen many familiar faces and I made many new friends in the 20 plus courses I have taught since November of 2005. I am very appreciative of those who have followed me over to my new home, and have allowed me to continue to provide you and your organization with this very important training.

I’m just as indebted to those who have used the Institute without the benefit of attending a previous course I had taught. As I have always said, you never know what kind of training you are going to get until after it’s over; and then if it is negative, it is too late! That’s why I strive to maintain the highest standards for all of the instructors we use; anything lower just will not do. And with over 500 attendees since November of 2005, I am very proud to say that our average score out of a possible 4.0 points is an astounding 3.82. I pledge to maintain and, if possible, improve that score.

I am also very excited about our new schedule for 2007. We are increasing our courses by over 100%, bringing in additional instructors that I worked with at Government Institutes when Thomas F.P. Sullivan, the founder of GI, was at the helm. Every course has been updated and restructured, thereby giving attendees the very best information in just the right amount. Each and every instructor has been hand picked; adhering to the highest standards I have set. The result is absolutely no risk for those attending the courses. That is my personal guarantee to you.

I also promise to update this section more often than I have in the past. It will highlight areas of interest in the environmental field, along with new developments at the Institute. This is a very dynamic field, and I believe the Institute must be at least as dynamic, to provide value-added training.

And, as I have said all along, if I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to email or call me. I have only one goal here at the Institute, and that is to provide the very best environmental training. As a very wise man told me once (hint; see founder of GI above), “Always take care of your customer and they will take care of the company.”

I hope to see you around at one of the remaining courses this year. And if not in 2006, a course in 2007!!

Warmest regards, Jay Collert, CHMM, CET Director

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