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The 2010 Clean Capitalism Report on business corporate responsibility ranking provides insight into the environmental, social and governance (ESG) state of affairs and trends of Canada's largest companies.

This report, available as of October 5th, 2010 is a joint initiative by Corporate Knights and The Delphi Group, includes an analysis on the ESG status of S&P/TSX 60 companies, benchmark rankings, and best practice highlights. Corporate Knights conducted the ranking, and The Delphi Group analyzed the results and methodology used.

The report is based on the results of the exclusive, quantitative research project conducted for the inaugural Globe and Mail Report on Business Corporate Responsibility Ranking.

The 2010 report includes proprietary data for all 60 S&P/TSX 60 companies, as well as sector-by-sector analysis, including an overview of 10 industry sectors (Energy, Financials, Materials [Mining], Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary, Industrials, Telecommunications, Utilities, IT, Healthcare), detailed performance data about each company in each sector and each company's ranking relative to its peers, across 12 criteria.

Each company on the s&p/tsx 60 was analyzed against 12 esg indicators: four environmental indicators (energy, carbon, water, and waste productivity), three governance indicators (sustainability leadership, leadership diversity, and sustainability remuneration), and five social indicators (ceo to lowest-paid worker, employee safety, percentage statutory tax paid [over four years], defined pension-benefit plan, and pension plan funding).

For each of the indicators, the companies were awarded a percentile score based on their normalized performance relative to their global industry peers. There were also two additional metrics included: a transparency modifier which adjusted the final score based on how well a company disclosed its esg information, and an esg controversy flag which is defined as any type of negative media, ngo action, or litigation that poses a reputational risk for the company.

This report is essential reading for investors, regulators, executives, and stakeholders who are interested in benchmarking Canada's s&p/tsx 60 corporations' performance on extra-financial indicators which are central to a firm's competitiveness.

The 2010 Clean Capitalism Report examines where good performance is evident; analyzes trends; discusses the disclosure gaps that remain; investigates best practices on sustainability for the various sectors; and charts a course for the future that rewards companies for good sustainability performance.

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