2010 Deep Research Report on China wind Bearing Industry Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

DALLAS ReportsandReports Announce it Will Carry the 2010 Deep Research Report on China wind Bearing Industry Market Research Report in its Store. Browse the complete Report on: http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/2010-deep-research-report-on-china-wind-bearing-industry/ 2010 Deep Research Report on China wind Bearing Industry was published by QYResearch Wind Energy Research Center on Mar 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Wind Bearing industry. In the report, the following information will be included: China Wind Bearing Production Supply Sales Demand marketing and technology (equipment) information; China Wind Bearing production and demand from 2009-2014; China Wind Bearing manufacturers Wind Bearing Capacity Production Cost Average selling price Production Value Revenue Profit etc information; China Wind Bearing manufacturers Product Information (included wind Yaw Pitch Gear box and Spindle Bearing etc information and technology information); Downstream client or demand analysis, (included: sales contracts customers etc); China Wind Bearing industry development trend and related conclusions; Finally, we conduct a comprehensive summary of China wind Bearing industry, including the past present and forecast the future, we also make a feasibility analysis of wind Bearing project ,we carry out an accurate calculation on investment cost, revenue, profitability, payback period. In a word, it was a depth research report on china Wind Bearing industry chain. And thanks to the China Wind Bearing marketing or technology experts help and support during QYResearch Wind Energy team survey and interviews. Table of Contents: Chapter One Wind bearing Industry Overview 1 1.1 Definition of Wind bearing 1 1.2 Wind Power bearing distribution and types 2 1.3 Application and features of Wind Power bearing 5 1.4 Classification and main purpose of bearings 8 1.5 Wind bearing Industry Situation and Prospects 12 Chapter Two Wind bearing Technical Analysis 17 2.1 Wind bearing Technical Overview 17 2.2 Wind bearing Machining Process 19 2.3 Wind bearing materials selection and precision grade 24 2.4 Wind bearing lubrication and installation 27 2.5 Wind bearing type selection 31 2.6 Wind bearing Damage Cause and Countermeasure 42 Chapter Three China Wind Bearing Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 2009-2014 47 3.1 Wind Bearing Productions Overview 47 3.2 Wind Power Converter Demand 49 3.3 Supply and Demand of China Wind Bearing 90 Chapter Four Wind bearing Key Manufacturers 93 4.1 ZWZ(Liaoning 200706) 93 4.2 Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Co., Ltd.(Zhejiang 002122) 101 4.3 Luoyang LYC Bearing Co.,Ltd ( Henan) 106 4.4 DYZV(Dalian Bearings Pitch Yaw bearing) 116 4.5 SKF(Sweden) 120 4.6 FAG(Germany INA) 126 4.7 TIMKEN(USA Spindle Bearing XEMC Building project) 131 4.8 Xibei Bearing Co.,Ltd(Ningxia 000595 Building project) 136 4.9 Maanshan Fang Yuan Slewing Ring Co., Ltd(Anhui 002147 Planning Project) 149 4.10 Qiqihaer Heavy CNC equipment Co., Ltd(Heilongjiang 151 Chapter Five Wind bearing Downstream Co-operation Wind Turbine and Wind gear box Manufacturers 153 5.1 Sinovel(Beijing 1.5MW 3.0MW) 153 5.2 Goldwind(Xinjiang 750KW 1.5MW 2.5MW) 163 5.3 DEC(600875 1.5MW) 177 5.4 Vestas(Denmark Tianjin 2.0MW 850KW) 183 5.5 Mingyang(Guangdong 1.5MW 3.0MW) 193 5.6 Windey(Zhejiang 750KW 800KW 1.5MW) 199 5.7 China Transmission(NGC HKG:0685) 207 5.8 Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd (Chongqing CSIC) 215 Chapter Six Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind Bearing Projects 222 6.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Wind Bearing Projects 222 6.2 Feasibility Analysis of Wind Bearing project 225 Chapter Seven Wind bearing Industry Research Conclusions 226 Related Reports http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/2010-deep-research-report-on-china-cdm-market/ http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/2010-deep-research-report-on-cost-and-price-of-china-wind-power-e/ http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/2010-deep-research-report-on-global-and-china-offshore-wind-power/ About Us ReportsandReports comprises an online library of 10,000 reports, in-depth market research studies of over 5000 micro markets, and 25 industry specific websites. Our client list boasts almost all well-known publishers of such reports across the globe. We as a third-party reseller of market research reports employ a number of marketing tools, such as press releases, email-marketing and effective search-engine optimization techniques to drive revenues for our clients. We also provide 24/7 online and offline support service to our customers. Contact: Ms. Sunita 7557 Rambler road, Suite 727, Dallas, TX 75231 Tel: +1-888-989-8004 http://www.reportsandreports.com/

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