2010 Opportunity Collaboration delegates to explore `colloquium for the common good`

Opportunity Collaboration - the poverty alleviation 'un-conference' - announced today the 2010 'Colloquium for the Common Good,' the event's signature seminar on executive leadership, economic justice and the good society. Part and parcel of the Opportunity Collaboration, the Colloquium refines executive judgment and sets the collaborative stage for sustainable social change. Every informed leader knows that complex problems, like poverty, require multi-dimensional solutions and multi-stakeholder engagement. The Colloquium addresses the transcendent principles driving poverty alleviation and asks Delegates to think realistically about the nature of economic justice and the good society. In essence, the debate over philanthropy and social enterprise challenges society to create 'capitalism with a human face.' Designed by Leigh Hafrey, Senior Lecturer, Behavioral and Policy Sciences, MIT Sloan School of Management and Author, The Story of Success: Five Steps to Mastering Ethics in Business, the 2010 Colloquium will explore the practical tension between traditional philanthropy and the increasingly popular idea that social enterprise provides the best means of alleviating poverty. The Colloquium's core curriculum requires Delegates to examine intensive readings in small groups, creating a common experiential bond and shared set of learnings. Before the event, Delegates are given a flash drive of readings which they are expected to complete -- including 'Letter from a Birmingham City Jail' by Martin Luther King, Jr., Hernando de Soto's 'By Way of Inclusion,' Anne Sexton's 'The Wonderful Musician,' and more. The full Colloquium syllabus is available online: http://opportunitycollaboration.net/resource/common/ About The Collaboration A four-day strategic and problem solving business retreat for nonprofit leaders, for-profit social entrepreneurs, funders and social investors working to combat poverty, the 2010 Opportunity Collaboration is already 72% sold out. 'The Opportunity Collaboration is a unique gathering,' says CEO Jonathan C. Lewis, 'marked by a generosity of spirit and a commitment to relinquishing institution egos. With the goal to accelerate the effectiveness of anti-poverty organizations, attendees reach well beyond the boundaries of conventional poverty alleviation to improve the impact and effectiveness of their work.' The event will take place October 15-20, in Ixtapa, Mexico.

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