2011 Overarching Conclusions published


Responding to Global Changes: Water in an Urbanising World
The Overarching Conclusions in section one are compiled and written by SIWI to try to capture what we feel were the key issues and insights advanced during the week. In the second chapter, five teams of senior and junior rapporteurs offer their narrative on five thematic streams that they've been tasked to cover during the week, whereas the final chapter gives an overview of the incredible work of prize laureates and award winners.

Building a Water Wise Urban World
Overarching Conclusions
Rapporteur Theme Reports:

  • Coping with Climate Change
  • Balancing Competing Demands
  • Responding to Socio-economic and Demographic Changes
  • Ensuring Human and Environmental Health
  • Urban Areas in a Landscape Context

The Stockholm Statement to the Rio+20 Summit
Convening Organisations
2011 Stockholm Water Prize
2011 Stockholm Junior Water Prize
2011 Stockholm Industry Water Award
2011 Best Poster Award
2011 World Water Week Supporters and Sponsors

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