2011 Training Schedule Announced


2011:  A Year of Change! Click here for the 2011 Course Schedule

At this time last year, as 2009 came to a close, we were thinking that 2010 certainly had to be better from a national economic perspective. Unfortunately, our crystal ball must have been on the blink because 2010 was almost a mirror image of 2009.  But as was the case in 2009, our loyal customers somehow found a  way to persuade their managers just how important training is, which is to say how important it is to stay abreast of regulatory changes and related planning to maintain and improve environmental compliance and management.

While there will probably be more changes as we enter 2011, rest assured that one thing will not change: the quality of our instruction.  Aarcher Institute instructors are of the highest caliber, deeply devoted to the subject matter and to the principles of training.  Time and again they have shown their willingness to go above and beyond the ‘lecture only’ approach by answering and discussing the thoughtful as well as tough questions asked by our attendees.

We appreciate their commitment, and your feedback on this, and all other aspects of our training. As always, thanks for your continued support of the Institute!

Warmest regards,

Craig J. Schwartz, CHMM, CPEA


Click here for the 2011 Course Schedule

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