2012 Canadian clean technology industry survey



Analytica Advisors is calling for Canadian clean technology companies to participate in the 2012 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Survey, which will result in significant benefits both for themselves and for the industry as a whole.

The Survey is a vital element in the process of measuring industry achievements in terms of investment, employment, exports and R&D, and for it to be accurate and effective requires the participation of clean technology companies.

It was participation in the 2011 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report by clean technology companies that led to federal recognition of the industry as a key growth sector in Canada alongside automotive, aerospace and forestry.

That's no surprise because the 2011 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report published the sectors' credentials: 44,000 jobs, $9 billion in revenue, $4.8 billion in exports, $985 million in R&D and 700 innovation-based companies in nine sectors from all across Canada. This on the back of 52 % year on year revenue growth and 19 % compound annual growth through the recession.

How fast can we build twenty $100 million companies? How fast can our exports reach $30 billion? When will we be able to claim 75,000 high-paying jobs in our globally competitive companies? As the old saying goes, you manage what you measure. Let's measure what we achieved in 2011 and with solid trend line data, argue what we are capable of achieving going forward.

The 2010 SDTC Cleantech Growth & Go-To-Market Report was the first national industry study outlining a proposal to set a course to establish 20 Canadian clean technology companies that will have achieved $100 million in annual revenue by 2020.

The 2011 Canadian Clean Technology Report further established industry achievement, and the upcoming 2013 Canadian Clean Technology Report will measure the industry's progress toward
the '20 by 2020' goal. Primary research from the 2012 Survey is the most important component of the 2013 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report.

There is a prize for every company that participates - broad exposure to Canada's global sales force of federal and provincial trade commissioners.

Capturing your company's public profile is part of the survey and your profile will be given exposure to Trade Commissioners looking for Canadian companies that meet the needs of multinational corporations around the world.

For further information about the survey, and access to the online participation process, please contact Tammy Fournier at tammy.fournier@analytica-advisors.com

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