2012 Chinese Sewage Treatment Industry Research Report


Along with the advancement of industrialization and the improvement of people’s living standards, the sewage discharge presents a rising trend, and it grew to 65.21 billion tons in 2011 from 42.84 billion tons in 2001, with an annual increase of approximately 2.03 billion tons on average. In 2010, the figure surged by 3.49 billion tons over 2009, a record high growth since 2005.

The ballooned sewage discharge not only weighs on cities at all levels, but brings opportunities to sewage treatment industry. In recent years, the sewage treatment plants embrace a construction boom in China, and the daily sewage treatment capacity rose to 136 million cubic meters in 2011 from 46.82 million cubic meters in 2003.

With respect to sewage treatment plant construction, a total of 3,135 sewage treatment plants had been built up in administratively designated cities and counties by the end of 2011, boasting sewage treatment capacity of 136 million cubic meters per day, up roughly 11 million cubic meters compared with that at the end of 2010. Presently, the urban sewage treatment projects under construction number 1,360, with total designed capacity of around 29 million cubic meters per day.

In accordance with the 12th Five-Year Plan on National Urban Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Facilities Construction Program introduced by the State Council in April 2012, the sewage treatment rate will be further improved by 2015. The government will earmark about RMB430 billion to push the urban sewage treatment rate up to 85%. Therefore, the sewage treatment market is still promising in China in the next 5-10 years.

The report resolves around the followings:

  • Status quo, market size, business model, competition characteristics and development trend of water environment and sewage treatment industry in China;
  • Operation, development and otherwise of major sewage treatment companies in China like Beijing Capital Co., Ltd., Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited and Sound Group, etc.

Beijing Capital Co., Ltd. has water projects in 34 cities in 14 provinces such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hunan, Shanxi and Anhui, and possesses daily sewage treatment capacity of over 5.73 million tons.

Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited owns and operates more than 70 water and sewage treatment plants in Beijing and Guangdong, etc., enjoying sewage treatment capacity of 2.53 million tons per day.

Sound Group carries out sewage treatment projects in Central China, Beijing and Inner Mongolia. Generally, Sound Group bids for sewage treatment projects, and Sound Global receives privileged access to EPC subcontracting business of these projects. Moreover, both companies engage in BOT business.

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