2012 Deep Research Report on Italy PV Inverter Industry

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Italy PV Inverter Market Research Report -- 2012 Deep Research Report on Italy PV Inverter Industry was published by QYResearch Solar Energy Research Center in Jan 2012. It was a professional and depth research report on Italy PV Inverter Industry. Firstly the report describes the background knowledge of PV Inverter, including Concepts Classification production process technical parameters; then statistics International 8 and Italy 28 PV Inverter Manufacturers PV Inverter product Capacity production cost price production value profit margins and other relevant data, statistics these enterprises PV Inverter products, customers, raw materials, company background information, then summary statistics and analysis the relevant data on these enterprises. The report got Italy PV Inverter companies production market share,grid on grid off and small power(?10KW) middle power(10-100KW) large power(>100KW) PV Inverter production market share, Italy PV Inverter demand supply and shortage, Italy PV Inverter 2009 -2016 production price cost profit production value profit margins, etc. At the same time, The report analyzed and discussed supply and demand changes in PV Inverter market and business development strategies, conduct a comprehensive analysis on Italy PV Inverter industry trends. Finally, the report also introduced 100MW/year new PV Inverter project Feasibility analysis and related research conclusions. In a word, It was a depth research report on Italy PV Inverter industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from PV Inverter industry chain related experts and enterprises during QYResearch LED team survey and interview.

Table of Contents

Chapter One PV Inverter Industry Overview 1
1.1 Definition 1
1.2 Classification and Application 3
1.3 Industry Chain Structure 4
1.4 PV Inverter Industry Development Trend 4

Chapter Two PV Inverter Manufacturing Process and Cost Structure 12
2.1 PV Inverter Manufacturing Process 12
2.2 PV Inverter Cost Structure 12
2.3 PV Inverter Price Analysis 13

Chapter Three PV Inverter Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 14
3.1 PV Inverter Productions Overview 14
3.2 Small Power (?10KW) Middle Power(10-100KW) Large Power(>100KW) PV Inverter Production Market Share 23
3.3 Grid On Grid Off PV Inverter Production Market Share 24
3.4 PV Inverter Demand 25
3.5 PV Inverter Supply Demand and Shortage 25
3.6 PV Inverter Cost Price Production Value Profit Margin 26

Chapter Four PV Inverter Key Manufacturer 27
4.1 SMA (Germany) 27
4.2 Power-one (USA) 30
4.3 Fronius (Austria) 33
4.4 Satcon (USA) 35
4.5 Advanced Energy (USA) 38
4.6 KACO (Germany) 40
4.7 Ingeteam (Spain) 42
4.8 Siemens (Germany) 45
4.9 RPS Spa (Italy) 47
4.10 Senso Tecnologie S.r.l (Italy) 50
4.11 SIEL S.p.A. (Italy) 54
4.12 SOCOMEC Group (Italy) 57
4.13 Solarig Italia Srl (Italy) 59
4.14 Valenia spa (Italy) 62
4.15 Siacenergy (Italy) 64
4.16 Eclipse Italia s.r.l. (Italy) 68
4.17 Equipaggiamenti Elettronici Industriali S.r.l (Italy) 71
4.18 Elettronica Santerno S.p.A (Italy) 73
4.19 ELPOWER (Italy) 76
4.20 Fimer S.p.A. (Italy) 79
4.21 FVG Energy srl (Italy) 82
4.22 G-Tec Europe srl (Italy) 84
4.23 GEFRAN S.p.A. Drive & Motion Control Unit (Italy) 87
4.24 Helios Technology srl (Italy) 90
4.25 IREM SPA (Italy) 93
4.26 Italcoel Srl (Italy) 97
4.27 Layer Electronics S.r.l. (Italy) 101
4.28 LEF srl (Italy) 105
4.29 MX Group S.p.A. (Italy) 109
4.30 Answer Drives S.r.l. (Italy) 113
4.31 Aros Solar Technology (RPS SpA) (Italy) 117
4.32 RPS S.p.A. (Italy) 121
4.33 Astrid Energy Enterprises Spa (Italy) 129
4.34 Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.P.A. (Italy) 132
4.35 Carlo Gavazzi Automation SpA (Italy) 136
4.36 Others 140

Chapter Five Downstream Application Analysis 140
5.1 Italy PV Inverter Demand Analysis 140
5.2 International Market PV Inverter Demand Analysis 142

Chapter Six Feasibility Analysis of New PV Inverter Project 144
6.1 Opportunity and Risk of PV Inverter Project 144
6.2 Feasibility Analysis of 100MW/Year New PV Inverter Project 144

Chapter Seven Italy PV Inverter Industry Research Conclusions 145

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