2012 GCC Wastewater Projects Market report


The GCC wastewater sector is entering a period of growth as governments look to meet rising demand from expanding populations and to replace infrastructure that is nearing the end of its life.  While Saudi Arabia will dominate the projects market up to 2015, there will also be substantial opportunities in Kuwait and Qatar.

This is good news for contractors, many of whom are looking to diversify into wastewater for the first time to offset a downturn in other areas of the construction market.  But are you equipped to take advantage?

The GCC Wastewater Projects Market 2012 report, the latest research and analysis report by MEED Insight, covers in detail the essential information on the wastewater sector in the region giving you the insight you need to win new business.  Taking in the wastewater treatment, network and treated sewage effluent (TSE) segments of the market, this report outlines government strategy for meeting rising wastewater demand across the region up to 2015 and details planned projects and investments which will give you exclusive advantage over your competitors.  

You will benefit from detailed insight into:

  • Forecasts for the GCC wastewater market up to 2015, providing details on the upcoming project opportunities and investments to grow your business.
  • Detailing recent trends in the wastewater market on issues such as procurement and technology so you stay on top of market development.
  • Assessment of key clients, contractors and consultants in each market so you can shape your business strategies.
  • Exclusive and comprehensive data on the GCC wastewater sector to give you that market edge of the competition.

Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather insight now by ordering this 80-page report that covers in detail the wastewater sector in all six GCC countries.

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Table of contents

1. Preface

2. Executive summary

3. Introduction

4. Technology
4.1 Primary treatment
4.2 Secondary treatment
4.2.1 Activated sludge
4.2.2 Membrane bio-reactors (MBR)
4.2.3 Sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
4.2.4 Moving bed bio-reactor (MBBR)
4.3 Tertiary treatment

5. Bahrain

6. Kuwait
6.1 Sulaibiya
6.2 Umm al-Hayman
6.3 TSE

7. Oman
7.1 Muscat
7.2 Salalah
7.3 The rest of Oman

8. Qatar
8.1 Treatment
8.2 Networks
8.3 TSE
8.4 Future projects

9. Saudi Arabia
9.1 TSE
9.2 Marafiq

10. UAE
10.1 Abu Dhabi
10.2 Dubai
10.2.1 TSE
10.3 Northern Emirates
10.3.1 Ajman
10.3.2 Fujairah
10.3.3 Sharjah
10.3.4 Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain

11. Appendix: NWC contract awards, 2010-11

List of Tables

Table 1: STPs owned by the Works Ministry
Table 2: TSE quality standards
Table 3: Existing wastewater treatment plants, 2011
Table 4: The wastewater treatment sector in 2016
Table 5: The five major pumping stations
Table 6: Recent and planned phases of the sanitary network improvement programme
Table 7: Quality of treated wastewater, 2010
Table 8: Selected major wastewater contract awards
Table 9: Existing Muscat wastewater treatment infrastructure
Table 10: Network related investment planned by Haya
Table 11: Major STPs under the Haya programme, April 2012
Table 12: Major network contracts awarded by Haya, April 2012
Table 13: Haya’s TSE quality standards
Table 14:Monthly wastewater service charges in Muscat ($)
Table 15: Selected MRMWR wastewater contracts, 2008-11
Table 16: Existing MRMWR sewage treatment plants, 2009
Table 17: Existing sewage treatment plant capacity
Table 18: The Doha North contracts
Table 19: Major Ashghal STP contract awards, 2004-12
Table 20: Ashghal’s non-treatment infrastructure
Table 21: Selected Ashghal network and pump station contracts, 2010-11
Table 22: Cities under NWC's mandate
Table 23: The four planned O&M clusters
Table 24: Existing and planned large-scale STPs, March 2012
Table 25: Estimated 2012 budgets for NWC's four city business units (SRbn)
Table 26: Selected TSE sales contracts signed by NWC, as of December 2011
Table 27: Other local wastewater licence holders, April 2012
Table 28: Existing large-scale STPs, April 2012
Table 29: Contract awards on the STEP programme
Table 30: ADSSC’s planned capital investment programme, 2011-16 (AEDm)
Table 31: Dubai Municipality STPs, 2011
Table 32: Dubai Municipality TSE quality standards
Table 33: Contracts awarded by NWC headquarters
Table 34: Contracts awarded by NWC Jeddah City Business Unit (JCBU)
Table 35: Contracts awarded by NWC’s Riyadh City Business Unit

List of Figures

Figure 1: The activated sludge process
Figure 2: The MBR process
Figure 3: Bahrain’s wastewater network map
Figure 4: Average distribution of TSE, 2006-10
Figure 5: Forecast growth in population and sewage in the Muharraq area 2008-40
Figure 6: Forecast for TSE production, 2010-30
Figure 7: Existing sewage treatment plants, 2010
Figure 8: The planned wastewater network, 2016
Figure 9: The Sulaibiya wastewater treatment plant
Figure 10: TSE produced by STPs, 2010
Figure 11: Estimated cost of water production and tariffs, 2009
Figure 12: Existing wastewater treatment capacity, 2011 (cm/d)
Figure 13: Areas covered by the Muscat wastewater programme
Figure 14: Planned network connections on the Muscat wastewater programme
Figure 15: New STPs planned under the Muscat wastewater programme
Figure 16: Planned TSE production by Haya, 2010-34
Figure 17: Ashghal’s annual wastewater budget, 1998-2008
Figure 18: Planned wastewater spending by NWC, 2012-20 (SRbn)
Figure 19: Growth in TSE sales, 2008-12
Figure 20: Forecast of TSE usage in the kingdom’s six major cities
Figure 21: End-users for TSE under the contracts/MoUs signed by NWC, November 2011
Figure 22: Abu Dhabi STP capacity and inflows, 2008
Figure 23: Population forecasts used by ADSSC in its 2010 and 2011 Planning Statements
Figure 24: Projected treatment capacity and inflows in the Abu Dhabi region, 2009-16
Figure 25: Projected treatment capacity and inflows in the Al-Ain region, 2009-16
Figure 26: Breakdown of ADSSC’s planned capital spending by segment, 2011-16 (AEDm)
Figure 27: Tariff comparison between water and TSE, 2003-11
Figure 28: Ajman Sewerage shareholding structure
Figure 29: Ajman sewerage network
Figure 30: Development of the Sharjah central drainage facility, 1978-2008

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