2012 World Water Week - Feeding a Thirsty World


Sweden Textile Water Initiative publishes guidelines document

Sweden Textile Water Initiative (STWI) started in 2010 as a joint project between textile and leather retail companies in Sweden and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). As of May 2012, 32 companies have joined STWI. The project focuses on water issues in the supply chains of textile and leather retailers with the aim of contributing to wiser water management, from thread and raw hide to product. During its first two years, the STWI companies have formed working groups on topics such as production technique, wastewater treatment, pollution prevention, and policy engagement, which have served as platforms for a learning process and knowledge exchange. STWI has now published its guidelines for sustainable water and chemical use in the textile and leather supply chains. These guidelines will be used by the companies in their communication with suppliers.

Water Integrity Training Manual now available in Arabic

Together with the Water Integrity Network (WIN), WaterNet and Cap-Net, the UNDP Water Governance Facility (WGF) at SIWI developed a capacity building programme including training materials on Water Integrity. The manual is available in English, French and Spanish, and has now also been translated into Arabic. A translation to Chinese is in process. The training manual is intended to develop institutional capacities and prepare for change through increased knowledge and enabled action on integrity, transparency and accountability. It provides conceptual groundings, examples of good practices and applications of anti-corruption measures. It is anticipated that the partners that developed the training manual will seek to provide future training opportunities. However, the material is a “public good” and any interested organisation is strongly encouraged to use the training manual as a base for developing trainings at various levels in different countries and regions.

SIWI launches a global database for Transboundary Water Management

In October 2011, Swedish Water House initiated a project to map what regional and international actors are doing within Transboundary Water Management (TWM). The recently launched database draws on the information collected, and gives a snapshot of the activities, processes and projects of and tools used by actors working with various transboundary water issues. It also shows which regions and basins actors are connected to. It includes Financial Institutions, UN Agencies and Programmes, International NGOs, River Basin Organisations, Regional Economic Communities and Intergovernmental Organisations.

The actor-based database mapping aims to assist the identification of “knowledge gaps” and needs for further actions, leading to more informed decision-making in water management. It also aims to highlight positive examples of TWM, acting as a motivation for increased investments by development partners. It also seeks to promote objective decision-making, thereby helping to form a framework for resource allocation in TWM.

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