2013 Analysis of Fiji Power Industry


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Fiji's power generation mix is dominated by hydro and oil-based power generation. In 2012, hydro power accounted for 55% and oil-based power generation accounted for 40% of the total power generation mix. The primary driver behind the growth of hydropower in Fiji is its cost-effectiveness due to the easily available and abundant resources. Other technologies used for power generation are biomass and wind. According to the latest energy policy, the government is aiming to increase the share of renewable energy to 81% by 2020. At present, the state-owned Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) has a 100% share in power generation transmission and distribution sector of Fiji. It covers three major islands: Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, and Ovalau. The rest of the population depends on an off-grid power supply. The major technologies used for off-grid power supply are Coconut Oil (CNO) blended with diesel in a 20:80 ratio, fuel, solar home systems and biomass.

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- Current and future power market scenario in Fiji
- Key issues influencing the power sector of Fiji
- Opportunities for private and foreign investors with increased government support for the development of renewable energy projects

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- Identify the key growth and investment opportunities in the power sector of Fiji
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- Facilitate decision-making based on the investment opportunities offered by Fiji's power sector

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