2013 Q3 Water Market Report in Germany, Italy & France


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Germany’s water industry is highly-developed, with EUR2bn and EUR5bn invested in its water and wastewater sectors each year, respectively. However, the country has water pollution issues and is unlikely to meet EU sanitation guidelines set for 2015. With a slim project pipeline, Germany is in danger of these issues worsening if more initiatives are not added. Germany is a water powerhouse, with over 99% of its population connected to a drinking supply and over 96% connected to a sewage network. These operate as a 24-hour, continuous supply and there are claims the country’s tap water quality is on a par with that of bottled mineral water. The country has an abundance of natural water resources, primarily due to its 11 large rivers, with over 2% of its surface area covered by water. Despite the amount available, hydropower plays a minor role in the country’s power mix and 80% of the resources available go unused.  

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The Italian government is facing severe austerity drives due to their faltering economy and the unsteady economic status of the wider European region. This is inevitably having an impact on the utilities, particularly the underdeveloped, underinvested and frequently overworked water sector infrastructure. Moreover the continuing uncertainty over the fate of the privatisation drive for water companies, in conjunction with a complex and fragmented regulatory system will also continue to inhibit the water sector as a whole. However, government investments and a more coherent system will rectify some of these issues
going forward. Italy has an extremely fragmented water sector with massive north south divides. Classed as a water
stressed country by the UN, Italy’s largely agricultural south relies on water reservoirs and water is generally distributed by state-owned water companies. Whereas in the urbanised industrial north, there are a number of large lakes and water availability is less of a problem. However the northern water distribution system is complex, with water companies providing water to domestic consumers while industries extract
and distribute their own, and farmers’ associations distribute water for irrigation. 

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We note that despite a well regulated and structured water sector, France still needs to invest more in its infrastructure, particularly with regards to distribution and treatment, as much of the existing infrastructure is damaged or obsolete. However we believe ongoing investments will continue to improve the sector, reducing water extraction and consumption demands, decreasing water losses and improving water quality and sanitation. However, we see the sector as offering a number of attractive opportunities, both for potential investments in the sector’s infrastructure, and via the private water and wastewater services contracts which are available at a municipal level.

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