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2013 Transmission Reliability R&D peer review presentations available


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The June 27-28 Transmission Reliability Program review combined the North American Synchrophasor Initiative (NASPI) and Advanced Application Development subprograms. The 2-day review included an overview of the program and six sessions of presentations from researchers funded by OE. The NASPI working group addresses the installation of synchrophasor networks across the United States with Recovery Act Smart Grid Investment Grant funds. Advanced Application Development projects include rapid-response R&D to address technical issues emerging from synchrophasor network deployment as well as the development of applications that use synchrophasor data to improve the efficiency and reliability of the grid.

The August 6-7 Reliability and Markets peer review included 13 presentations over 6 sessions. The Reliability and Markets activity of the Transmission Reliability Program researches, develops, and implements infrastructure to ensure electric reliability while improving the efficiency and economics of market operations.

The goal of OE’s Transmission Reliability Program is to improve grid monitoring, operations, and market structure through research into a variety of tools. The program focuses on three subprograms: NASPI, Advanced Application Development, and Reliability and Markets.

Peer reviews for the Transmission Reliability Program are held annually. Agendas and presentations for the 2012 reviews are also available: Load as a Resource review (September 20, 2012); Reliability and Markets review (August 7-8, 2012); and Advanced Applications (June 12-13, 2012).

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