2013 World Water Week Call for Abstracts and Event Proposals


World Water Week in Stockholm
Water Cooperation: building partnerships

Together for a water wiser future

On September 1-6, the 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm will once again gather water professionals, government officials, researchers and business leaders in the Swedish capital to seek common solution to the most pressing global challenges relating to water and development. This year under the theme “Water Cooperation – Building Partnerships”.

Facilitating cooperation and building partnerships – this is exactly what the World Water Week in Stockholm aims to do. Every year, for over 20 years, the World Water Week has brought together participants from all sectors and from more than 120 countries worldwide. We believe that no water issue can be solved on its own, or be left to water professionals alone. We are all water users, and in order to come up with sustainable solutions to the world’s water related challenges, we are all needed. With an expected world population of more than 9 billion people by 2050, all depending on the same finite and vulnerable water resource, our inter-dependence is growing every day.

The fundamental role of cooperation and integration lies at the core of several of the concepts that have come out of the World Water Week over the past few years. At the 2013 World Water Week we will explore the relationships between water users, between countries, and between professional communities, at local, national and global levels. We will also dig deeper into the inter-relations that characterise the broader context in which water is managed like the Water-Energy-Food nexus, and Transboundary Water Cooperation. Furthermore, how do we identify and recognise both the barriers for, and the benefits of, cooperation? What are the factors needed to create the kind of enabling environment where cooperation thrives and partnerships last? How can more effective cooperation enable us to reach future-oriented decisions and force implementation, and how can we best build partnerships among actors to achieve common goals?

Every year, over 200 collaborating organisations convene events at the World Water Week. In addition, individuals from around the globe present their findings at the scientific workshops. We hope that this call for abstracts and proposals will help guide you as to how you and your organisaton would like to take part in the 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm. On the following pages you can read more about the scope for the Week, and find instructions on how to submit an event proposal or an abstract. The preliminary programme will be issued in April. In the meantime, stay tuned to www.worldwaterweek.org for the most recent updates.

Very welcome to join the discussions in 2013,

Torgny Holmgren
Executive Director
Stockholm International Water Institute

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