2014 New Wet&Dry Power Shotcrete Machine

Wet&Dry Power Shotcrete Machine

Wet&Dry Power Shotcrete Machine

Wet&Dry Power Shotcrete Machine

Henan oriental machinery co.,ltd. Dry Power Shotcrete machine has the  dvanced concrete spraying technique, developed from our OPZ series dry-mix shotcrete and incorporated the advantages of wet-mix shotcrete.  Today, it is a universal concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet or dry mix.

Technical Data:


5 m3/hour

Max. aggregate size:


Inner Diameter of Conveying Hose:

50mm (2”)

Air consumption: 

9~10m3 /min


Electric Motor 7.5kW (10hp)

Max. conveying Dist.:


Work pressure:

0.2~0.6MPa (29psi~87psi)

Dosing Pump Rated Pressure:

0.6MPa (87psi)

Dosing Pump Output:


Net Weight:





 Power Shotcrete Machine Application:

  • Shotcreting for tunnels, hydro-power engineering, mines, underground engineering, civil engineering and slope stabilization, etc.
  • Artificial soil seeding for no soil surface, such as rock, sand, and for no fertility soil surface.
  • Refractory spraying and repair for industrial kilns or kilns’ inner liner.

 Power Shotcrete Machine Common use:

1. Gunite Swimming Pool Construction.

2. Soil Retention and Tetaining Walls.

3. Rockscaping.

4. Refractory Spraying.

5. Mine Support.

6. Tunnel Linings.

7. Concrete Repair.

8. Artificial Rocks and Caves.

9. Low-volume Refractory Spraying.

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