2015 Northeast Indoor Air Quality & Energy Conference Opens Registration


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The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council is pleased to announce that conference attendee and exhibitor registration is now open for the 2015 conference.

Augusta, ME, -- Since 1999, the annual Maine Indoor Air Quality Conference has been New England’s premier event dedicated to improving the indoor environment.  Over the years, the conference has continued to grow and now attracts attendees and exhibitors from all across New England and the entire country.

Due to this growth and the increasing importance of balancing energy efficiency and indoor air quality in all types of buildings and systems, the conference name has been changed to the Northeast Indoor Air Quality & Energy Conference.  It is the largest IAQ conference in New England, and the second largest conference of its kind in the nation.

The 2015 Northeast Indoor Air Quality & Energy Conference is taking place next year on April 15th and 16th in Portland, Maine. It promises to attract a diverse range of professionals from throughout the region and across the United States and Canada.  Attendees will come together to share new and proven concepts for achieving safe, healthy and sustainable indoor environments. A variety of lectures, workshops and poster sessions will offer important information and provide for discussions that will address professional development, scientific issues, trends, industry innovations and more.  The event is also one of the IAQ industry’s premier networking opportunities and the ideal opportunity for companies who provide services and products to the industry to connect with their current and future customers.

“If you design, build, operate or maintain buildings, if you work in residential, educational, commercial or industrial environments, if you provide consulting and professional services, or if you manage policy or public health -- this conference is for you,” said Christine G. Crocker, Executive Director of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.  “Our 2015 conference promises to be the most comprehensive one yet as it has grown to encompass energy issues relative to indoor environments and indoor air quality.  The final agenda for the 2-day event is being completed and additional conference sponsors are now being accepted.  If you are interested in presenting at the event, we encourage you to submit a presentation application well before the November 21st deadline.”

To register or learn more about the 2015 Northeast Indoor Air Quality & Energy Conference or the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council, please visit www.maineindoorair.org, email christy@maineindoorair.org or call (207) 626.8115.

About the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council

The mission of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council is to promote quality of life through improved indoor environments.  It is an interdisciplinary, non-profit, non-partisan organization, with a diverse membership of physicians & nurses, engineers, maintenance managers, lawyers, toxicologists, insurers, industrial hygienists, respiratory therapists, educators, architects, legislators and public policy decision-makers.

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