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Join us at the Virginia HazMat Conference 2016

The Virginia Association of Hazardous Materials Response Specialists (VAHMRS) and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM), announce the 33rd annual Virginia Hazardous Materials Conference and Expo to be held September 13-16, 2016 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and Sheraton Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel.

Precon#3 – Hands-On HAZMAT aka HazSim Challenge

Note: This will be a 4 hour class to be repeated (AM & PM). It will be held at the Virginia Beach Training Center.

This class will be hands-on, realistic, and fun. Students will be taken into the field and perform a variety of tasks designed to improve their skills in a realistic learning environment. Veterans and rookie hazmat team members will be challenged by practical skills and real-time scenarios which will not only give the student a new mind set but also experiences to take back to their respective teams. This is a working class and physically challenging. Course will utilize Level A suits, SCBA, props, and realism. Class open to all levels willing to work through challenges as a team and become better down range HazMat team members.

Presenters: Phil Ambrose, Bob Coschignano, Jason Rogers and Bill Bennett


Conference: Wednesday 9/14 1pm – 2:30pm, Thursday 9/15 3:30pm- 5pm

The Grey Area – Where Rescue meets HAZMAT

In late 2015 law enforcement and EMS responded to a routine ‘check the welfare’ of an individual based on early morning concerns by family. Upon arrival the law enforcement officers were overwhelmed by noxious fumes and backed out of the doorway. EMS was staged pending hazardous materials response. Due to the quick decision making of fire personnel the victim was removed from the structure and lived to tell his story. This case study and others will be reviewed to look at where the rescue is required at a HazMat scene and quick action is mandatory to save a life.

Presenters: B. Coschignano/P. Ambrose/ J. Rogers

Join us Poolside for drinks!

Location is the Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel
Date: Thursday, September 15
Time: 8:00-10:00 PM Poolside

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