25th anniversary celebration at HSM – from apprentice to managing director


Source: HSM GmbH + Co. KG

HSM, the international engineering company from Salem, paid tribute to its newly appointed managing direc-tor, Irene Dengler, on Thursday 16th August 2007, who celebrated her 25th anniversary in the company.

Hermann Schwelling, the sole managing director and founder of HSM, officiated at the celebration on Thurs-day evening amongst family members, friends, co-workers and colleagues.


He described the career of Irene Dengler at HSM from first joining the company as an apprentice up to today. Her determined and motivated style of working greatly contributed to the success of the company. Now just in time for the anniversary, the work and success of Irene Dengler has been rewarded and acknowledged with her appointment to the position of managing director. Irene Dengler will now be responsible for the whole company alongside Hermann Schwelling and her husband, Dietmar Dengler.


Irene Dengler began her career at HSM in 1982 with her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. As a sales clerk she gained essential experience with customers and after completing a course in industrial business administration took over the task of developing international markets. Finally in 1994, after just 12 years, she became the head of sales with full power of attorney.


In his honorary speech, Hermann Schwelling talks of her as “prepared to take risks but not frivolous ones, tirelessly hard-working with an excellent eye for knowing what is needed to keep developing sales and in-creasing HSM revenues”. “She firmly adhered to the goal of making HSM one of the market leaders and was never shy of hard work, effort and the trouble involved in achieving those aims.”


She also always understood the importance of involving and encouraging her colleagues which proves that she is very much respected amongst all the staff.


Finally, the celebration was completed with the handing over of a gift, a certificate and a thank you from Hermann Schwelling and on behalf of the whole company. In a short speech, Irene Dengler thanked HSM and Hermann Schwelling for the support and made it clear that she would continue to be determined, customer-oriented and keep actively working towards the success of the company.

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