25th ISSA/Intercleam Amsterdam RCM at the Biggest Cleaning Exhibition


Source: RCM S.p.A

In the magazine that was distributed during the last ISSA/Interclean Exhibition, among the choosen pictures to witness the history of ISSA/Interclean, one of those shows an important reward to RCM.

During the edition of 1987, RCM was introducing a great new product: RX 918 Swinger, the first ride-on sweeper specifically studied for street cleaning of light dirt.

RX 918 was equipped with electro-hydraulic suspensions that, with their particular sensors, could easily climb and descend up to 15 cm of height.

The number 918 was indicating that its cleaning width, through Varioclean system, could extend up to 180 cm.

The machine had a lot of success for its new design, and it got the first page on the daily news that ISSA Interclean was publishing during the exhibition.

Since that moment, RCM kept developing machines for the specific cleaning of pedestrian areas, pavements and covered walks with more and more simple machines, cheap and easy use: RONDA, PATROL, PATROL LAS (ride-on sweepers) and BRAVA Street (walk behind sweeper).

The recent development of urban cleaning solutions, the economical situations and the new focus on environment sustainability pushed RCM to create other new and original products.

Besides its traditional sweepers, RCM proposes now RCM ZERO SYSTEM for URBAN MICROCLEANING with ZERO impact on the environment.

ZERO SYSTEM is equipped with an electric sweeper and a tricycle.

This small but very efficient electric sweeper collects silently the debris from the ground and the dust, without annoying the pedestrians.

The electrical and assisted tricycle, easy to drive, brings the sweeper from one point to another of the down-town enlarging the cleaning action.

The upload-download of the sweeper is very simple, to help the transfer in various places, with no strain and with an autonomy of six/eight hours. The electric motors of both tricycle and sweeper are by lithium batteries, which are fed by solar panels on the cover of the tricycle.

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