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2Future (former Proventia Solutions) appointed advisor to Chinese authorities in developing recycling legislation for electronics


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Untitled Document The Proventia Group was appointed as the European expert for the ongoing development of product liability legislation in China. The Proventia experts will advise the various Chinese parties that are involved in preparing legislation on the requirements concerning recycling and banned substances in the electrical and electronics industry. The role of Proventia will be primarily to produce information on current practices and interpretations in Europe, to collect 'best practice' examples and to adapt these to Chinese circumstances. One objective of the project is also to lay the foundation for long-term technology transfer between the two countries, for co-operation between authorities and for the export of technology and know-how related to the recycling of electronics products and equipment from Finland.

Legislation similar to the binding recycling and banned substances Directives for the electrical and electronics industry in the EU is being prepared globally in many important market areas. Product liability legislation being planned in China will be adapted from the corresponding legislation developed in the EU in recent years, such as the ROHS and WEEE Directives. China seeks to achieve the same benefits as the EU, i.e. to protect health and the environment, to recover valuable raw materials and to reduce the load on landfill sites. Furthermore, it is especially important for China to maintain the Chinese recycling industry at a level corresponding to the European standards as well as to secure the export of the products of the Chinese electrical and electronics industry.

From December 2003, the Proventia Group has actively charted China's needs in relation to the changes in regulations concerning electrical and electronics equipment in co-operation with the Chinese project parties, the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) and with CEEDI (the China Electronics Engineering Design Institute), CEIC (the China Electronics Information Center) and CESI (the China Electronics Standardization Institute) operating under it. As a result of this preliminary preparation, Proventia was invited to function as an advisor in the project being launched. It is estimated that the project will take 16 months, and a company named Futuvision Oy from Tampere, Proventia's partner in China, will also be involved in the project. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has granted an appropriation for the project from the resources reserved for industrial and technological co-operation (TTT).

This project will be used to lay the foundation on which the co-operation related to the recycling issues in the electronics industry and other joint initiatives will be consolidated later. Co-operation provides a means to exert influence on China's future standards and technology choices and to improve the position of Finnish companies in the growing environmental technology markets in China.

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