2nd Annual NEHA excellence in sustainability award presented to the Hernando County School District


The Hernando County School District, Brooksville, Florida, received the 2nd Annual National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)’s Excellence in Sustainability Award for their sustainability program. The award was given on June 21 at NEHA’s Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition in Atlanta, GA. Gus Schaefer, Senior Vice President and Public Safety Officer from Underwriters Laboratories, which sponsors the award, commented that the Hernando County School District’s program “implemented activities for energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, “green” product usage, and more. In addition, this program is teaching their students to be sustainable-minded.” He also pointed out that the program is unique, multi-faceted, and had buy-in from the staff, vendors, community and most remarkably, from the students.

Applicants for NEHA’s Excellence in Sustainability Award were scored on ten different attributes:

  • did the program demonstrate use of the practices that exemplify outstanding creativity or introduce new approaches,
  • did the applicant clearly demonstrate leadership in the field of sustainability,
  • is the program environmental sound and economically feasible,
  • is the program self-sustaining or is there funding to sustain the program,
  • does the program result in a significant and measurable environmental benefit,
  • were quantifiable results presented,
  • did the program clearly demonstrate the applicant’s commitment to environmental excellence,
  • does the program lend itself to replication by other organizations,
  • was adequate supporting information provided to support the application, and
  • what were the benefits of any outreach efforts

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