2nd China Green Building Summit 2010 upcoming

Hosted by Duxes Business Consulting Inc. and endorsed by powerful organizations around the world, the 2nd China Green Building Summit 2010 will take place on June 3rd to 4th, 2010 in Beijing, China. Endorsed by World Green Building Council, the 1st China Green Building Congress was successfully held in Beijing last year. This 2nd summit is aimed to explore the Chinese green building industry and interpret the newly released policies and regulations. The summit will provide a communication platform for all delegates to exchange ideas, to find solutions to current challenges, and to engage in networking opportunities. Distinguished speakers from China central government and various industry players will be gathered to source development trend of green building in China and share with the attendees their precious experience in daily practices. According to statistics, 60% of a city's carbon emission is due to the buildings and the maintenance of building functions, only 30% is from the transportation. In China, every year almost 2 billion square meters will be used for construction of new buildings which is equal to half of the total amount of the world. Copenhagen climate change conference on 18 December 2009 has marked the development of ecological economy characterized by low carbon energy. Green building as an important part of the ecological economy is becoming more and more popular. It's said that the value created by green building and green upgrades will achieve more than 55 billion dollars by 2012. It is under this macro economic background that this event is launched.

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