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3/4 of new homes lack recycling space, says CABE


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Nearly three quarters of new homes do not have enough space to recycle, according to survey results from the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. Of 2,500 private housing homeowners who were polled, 72 per cent said they do not have enough space to fit in three small bins required to recycle properly. CABE believed the results of Space in new homes: what residents think demonstrate that many of these homes are not adaptable to the changing needs of occupants and future lifestyle changes.

CABE chief executive Richard Simmons said: “We need local planning authorities to ensure much higher space standards before giving developments the go-ahead.”

The report highlighted that without this key recycling space the homes do not adhere to the Government’s code for sustainable homes, which should be built to lifetime homes standards. The Government aims to have private housing built to these standards by 2013.

It said: “The Government’s 2007 waste strategy for England includes a target for 40 per cent of household waste to be recycled by 2010, but targets may not be met if homes lack the space for basic recycling facilities.”

However, a spokesperson from the Local Government Association said: “Councils are doing all they can to make sure that people living in every type of property have the opportunity to recycle.”

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