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3 instruments for one line quality control of CO2 production


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Chromatotec are pleased to announce a recent installation in the pure gas market. With the collaboration of a world-wide soft drinks manufacturer, we have recently installed 3 instruments for quality control of their CO2 production.

The three analysers (AirmoBTX / Chroma THC / Chroma S) installed in a cabinet, continuously monitor levels of Acetaldehyde, Benzene ,Toluene Xylenes (airmoBTX) Total sulphur (H2S + COS + SO2 + MM + EM + DMS + CS2 + DES + DMDS) chromaS and Total Hydrocarbon (CH4+NMTHC) chromaTHC contained in the 3 x CO2 streams destined to be added to their beverages.

Incorporated into our analysis bay, we have 3 x alarm thresholds set up to alert the production department should any of the levels exceed those defined by the regulatory body (International society of Beverage Technologists).
Alarm 1 : Acetaldehyde + Benzene in µg/m3
Alarm 2 : Total sulphur in µg/m3 or in sulphur equivalent
Alarm 3 : THC = CH4 + NMTHC in ppb Methane or in µg/m3
Alarm 4 : H2S in µg/m3

This install was as a result of many years of experience between Chromatotec and pure gas manufacturers worldwide.
Humidity is also analysed in this cabinet.

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