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£30,000 fine for major shoe firm


Source: Materials Recycling Week

A major footwear firm has been ordered to pay more than £30,000 in fines and costs at Coalville Magistrates’ Court after failing to comply with packaging regulations.

Brantano UK is a shoe retailer that has 147 stores in the UK. The company is based at Interlink Business Park, Bardon, in Coalville.

The firm pleaded guilty to 15 charges related to not registering with the Environment Agency and failing to meet its packaging waste requirements between 2003 and 2007. The charges were brought under the Packaging Waste Regulations.

It was estimated that Brantano had avoided costs of approximately £20,000 by not following the correct procedures.

Under the Packaging Waste Regulations, companies who have an annual turnover in excess of £2 million and handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging per year must register with the EA or a packaging compliance scheme. Each year, the companies must also provide evidence of payment for recovery and recycling of a specified proportion of their packaging. The types of packaging covered by this legislation are wood, aluminium, steel, cardboard and plastic.

The regulations are designed to make companies assess the amount of packaging they handle and, where possible, limit its use. The money raised from this legislation is directly invested in the recycling industry.

Speaking after the case, an EA officer involved in the investigation said: “Companies need to keep abreast of environmental regulation and reduce the amount of waste they produce that goes straight to landfill.

“We take action against companies who are non-compliant and we have a very active team which seeks out those companies.”

£30,000 fine for major shoe firm

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