3000 km Darwin to Adelaide


Source: TST Sweden AB

The JU solar team is the first Swedish team that is going to participate in the world’s largest solar race.

The World Solar Challenge is an open international competition where the participants build vehicles that are only powered by solar energy, to drive across Australia, Darwin to Adelaide 3000 km, in the shortest possible time. The race will be held between 6:th to 13:th of October.

The competition is hard and the race is covered by media from all over the world. As part of the project, a media production team is going to follow the build progress as well as the race in order record a three episode TV show that is going to be aired during 2013.

The vehicles are optimized regarding weight and power consumption so there are no comfort details such as AC or even a fan. The Australian sun will be rough on the drivers! For that reason they will use TST Sweden Cooling Vests

From TST we wish you all luck! Go get them!

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