35% set to miss the UK CRCEES registration deadline


Source: WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

Our analysis today shows that the number of participants in the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES) at the 30 September deadline will fall some 35% short of expected levels.

The Environment Agency initially announced that more than 20,000 organisations would have to register for the scheme by 30 September. 5,000 of these organisations have to make a full registration, while 15,000 lower energy users have to make an information disclosure. This number has since been slightly lowered by the Agency.

However, with two weeks of the registration period to go, a total of just 9,558 declarations have been made. WSP Environment & Energy forecasts that, even with a dramatic late upsurge in registrations, full registrations will struggle to reach the 3,000 mark, while only around 9,500 will make the required information disclosures.[1]

David Symons, Director at WSP, comments:

'The Environment Agency has run high-profile campaigns to raise awareness of CRC and has revised its forecast of the number of businesses obligated by CRC. However, it continues to be a concern that many organisations appear likely to miss the registration deadline.

'Any organisation with a mandatory half hourly meter must make a registration with the Environment Agency by the end of September. Organisations need to act now to make this registration before the deadline and to avoid penalties.'

The public sector falls behind

In the public sector, 96 of the 438 local authorities (25%) are yet to make either a registration or an information declaration. WSP research indicates that the vast majority of local authorities will have an obligation, given their large energy use and estate size.

In the NHS, 129 of 397 trusts, around 33%, have still to register or declare, however it may be that not every NHS trust has a half hourly meter on its estate and so may not always need to make a registration.

In the private sector, 25 of the FTSE 100 have still to make a registration or an information disclosure, although their obligations under CRC will vary depending on how much of their operations are based overseas.

David Symons comments:

'Although public sector bodies are currently under considerable budgetary pressure, delaying registration will only lead to a greater financial and administrative burden.

'The Environment Agency remains committed to supporting companies who make an effort. But with fines of £5000 for missing the registration deadline, and further penalties of up to £500 per day, the costs of non-compliance could be significant.'

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