3900 Power Plant Air Pollution Projects Are In Planning Or Construction


Source: The McIlvaine Company

Utilities around-the-world have initiated over 3800 air pollution control projects for completion within the next 8 years.  In the McIlvaine online database Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System and the companion World Power Generation Projects , McIlvaine identifies these projects for 3900 existing coal-fired plants and 790 new plants under construction or planning.


Number of Coal-fired Electricity Generating Units and

Air Pollution Control Equipment


Category Existing as of 2006 New in Next 8 Years

World Coal-fired Boilers                      3900                                        790

Scrubbers                                               950                                        950

SCR                                                       830                                        850

Particulate                                            3900                                      1050

SO 3                                                        50                                        400

Mercury                                                     5                                        550

Nine hundred and fifty boiler units already have scrubbers and another 950 are planned. More than half these planned units are in China and the U.S.  However India will also be a major purchaser.

There are more than 830 selective catalytic reduction systems in operation (SCR). But more will be added in the next 8 years than are now in place.   China has just begun its NO x control program.  So it faces the challenge of retrofitting SCR to existing plants and adding SCR for new plants.

All 3900 existing plants have some kind of particulate control.  Most have electrostatic precipitators.  A few have scrubbers.  Presently there are only 200 fabric filters installed on coal-fired boilers.  The U.S. has the most installations, but Australia has the highest percentage. 

Many of the new particulate units will be fabric filters.  Mongolia has already replaced a few precipitators with fabric filters in order to meet more stringent dust emission levels. In order to meet the new PM 2.5 rules, a number of U.S. utilities are also planning fabric filter retrofits.  So particulate removal accounts for the largest number of projects.

The installation of SCR units has increased SO 3 generation and subsequent acid mist deposition.  Either additive systems or wet precipitators are planned for 400 units, many of which are in the U.S.

A number of states are taking the lead on mercury control in the U.S.  As a result, there is at least preliminary planning underway on 850 projects even though only a few mercury control systems are actually in operation.  Most of the projects involve additives either before the particulate collector or scrubber.

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