3DYNAFS© an advanced CFD Software Package


Source: Dynaflow, Inc.

July 12, 2011 -- Dynaflow, Inc. announces new developments in its 3DynaFS© CFD software suite.  Enhanced general CFD capabilities are now available with specialization in interfacial flows, bubble dynamics, cavitation, two-phase flows, surface waves, ship hydrodynamics, and fluid/structure interaction. Five major modules are available: a Boundary Element Method (Bem) module, a Viscous flow (Vis) module, a Discrete Singularity Method (Dsm) module, a Fluid Structure Interaction (Fsi) module, and a Compressible flow (Comp) module.  These solve problems as standalones or by coupling two or more modules. 3DynaFS© recent applications include bubbly wake prediction of a waterjet propelled ship, bubble augmented thrust of a waterjet propulsion system, cavitation erosion modeling, and the modeling and simulation of microbubble interaction in biomedical applications such as encapsulated microbubbles for drug delivery.

2DynaFS©, an axisymmetric version of 3DynaFS© with a user friendly Graphic User Interface is also available. Dynaflow, Inc. is a R&D company and is willing to customize the codes through mutual arrangement for unique flow configurations required by the users. 3DynaFS© is available for Linux and Windows environments.

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