3E Company Announces Availability of Ariel™ Expert Rules


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Innovative product streamlines chemical regulatory management and helps ensure compliance with global chemical regulations

3E Company®, the leading provider of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced the availability of Ariel Expert Rules, a solution that helps customers ensure that their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and other critical documents are compliant with country-specific regulations. Ariel Expert Rules works in conjunction with the substance database in the SAP® Environment, Health and Safety (SAP EH&S) application, integrating data for increased operational efficiencies and informed decision making.

Effectively manufacturing and marketing global products requires timely access to top-quality chemical and regulatory information. This information is used to satisfy legal requirements, and it is the foundation for providing accurate documentation. Ariel Expert Rules streamlines the global chemical regulatory management process and reduces the amount of time spent researching, understanding and applying chemical and regulatory information. Ariel Expert Rules, when combined with the power of Ariel's global chemical regulatory content, gives companies the ability to:

  • Improve the time to market for new products or for introducing existing products to new markets
  • Manage increased regulatory pressures and customer requirements
  • Enhance the quality of documentation by eliminating manual processes
  • Reduce the burden on the compliance professional
  • Decrease the risk of delays and fines due to inaccurate documentation

Ariel Expert Rules can be run against both mixtures and components, and can make determinations using basic data such as physical-chemical properties, toxicological test results and safety data, in the same way an MSDS author would. The resulting information can automatically populate sections of various MSDSs and other critical documents to help eliminate variations in authoring and ensure that country-specific requirements are met consistently and efficiently.

'Today's business environment is extremely competitive and the introduction of a new product or the penetration of a new market demands a very short time to market. Companies need to be prepared to meet new and constantly changing regulatory requirements on a global scale in record time,' said Jillaine Dellis, vice president, Ariel Global Research & Operations, 3E Company. 'Ariel Expert Rules for SAP solutions reduces the burden associated with the global regulatory compliance process by automating certain standard decisions and reiterates 3E Company's continuing support of customers who are also using the SAP EH&S application.'

Ariel Expert Rules is based on Ariel Regulatory Content, which encompasses more than 700 searchable chemical lists and more than 60 countries. Ariel's industry leading content is maintained by 3E Company's team of Ariel Global Research specialists, who have the contacts and language skills to closely monitor and analyze global regulations and update the regulatory content residing in Ariel's global regulatory database as necessary.

3E Company's Ariel Expert Rules is available immediately for the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Rules licensing fees depend on selected geographic module coverage.

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