3E Company Announces Enhanced Version of Outsourced Regulatory Reporting Compliance Solution


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New Version of 3E Compliance Calendar Includes Regulatory Compliance Research and Analysis Function to Further Simplify EH&S Reporting Process

CARLSBAD, CA -- 06/06/2006 -- 3E Company®, the leading provider of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced the availability of an enhanced version of its 3E Compliance Calendar outsourced compliance reporting solution. The new version includes an innovative regulatory compliance research and analysis module that is ideally suited for customers with multiple facilities who need to simplify and centralize environmental, health and safety reporting and permitting. This comprehensive new solution enables customers to meet reporting requirements while dramatically reducing the burdensome administrative work associated with compliance reporting.

As part of the regulatory compliance research and analysis module, 3E Company's regulatory specialists analyze customer-provided location data and then research applicable federal, state and local regulations to determine the customer's EH&S permit and disclosure requirements for each location. This information is compiled and provided to the customer in the form of an assessment report that includes necessary reporting requirements, agency names, due dates and any known fees.

Information contained in the assessment report is also integrated into 3E Compliance Calendar, which tracks disclosures and permits that affect facility compliance. In providing 3E Compliance Calendar services, 3E Company can also schedule, complete and submit required disclosures and permits on behalf of the customer. All submitted disclosures and permits are reviewed and updated annually, or as otherwise necessary, to ensure accuracy and timely completion. Once completed, disclosures and permits are archived for client review or for use in the event of questions or an audit by a regulatory agency.

3E Compliance Calendar streamlines the complex web of federal, state and local regulatory reporting requirements by allowing customers to access disclosure and permitting information for multiple facilities in one central location. Centralizing this process frees up valuable employee resources, enhances EH&S staff productivity and increases cost efficiency. Outsourcing the reporting and tracking process can also reduce operational costs by preventing and eliminating fines, late fees and operational disruptions caused by non-compliance.

3E Company's experience in EH&S reporting is unparalleled; regulatory specialists currently track individual reporting tasks for a vast array of client locations across the United States, as well as completing and submitting thousands of disclosures and permits annually. Maintaining active relationships with regulatory agencies ensures accurate and timely completion of required disclosures, permits and fees for all of a customer's facilities. 3E Compliance Calendar customers also have 24-7-365 access to 3E Company's unique HazMat Mission Control Call Center should they require additional information or guidance regarding reporting issues.

'The EH&S reporting process is becoming more difficult as reporting requirements expand and evolve, and the level of enforcement increases. Many companies have limited EH&S staff and budget and cannot effectively track reporting requirements that may affect their facilities. Responding to these obligations on a reactive basis -- as opposed to analyzing them proactively -- can be a time consuming and extremely costly process,' said Isaac Powell, Product Manager, 3E Company. 'A comprehensive outsourced solution for EH&S reporting needs such as 3E Compliance Calendar is an invaluable resource for satisfying reporting obligations while simultaneously saving time and money.'

The new version of 3E Compliance Calendar is available immediately and may be purchased one-time or on a subscription basis.

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