3E Company Announces Internationalization of Award-Winning Material Safety Data Sheet Management System


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3E Online®-MSDS 5.1 and Global MSDS Attachments Module available to satisfy the requirements of the international marketplace

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 — 3E Company®, the leading provider of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced the availability of 3E Online-MSDS 5.1, an internationalized version of 3E Online-MSDS, 3E Company's industry-leading Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) management system which facilitates compliance with regulatory Hazard Communication standards. This new solution helps ease the burden of global compliance and enables customers to satisfy the requirements of the international marketplace.

3E Online-MSDS 5.1 facilitates the delivery of hazard communication information to employees in facilities with multilingual needs. A new user interface supports a wide variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. This enhanced interface also allows users to locate MSDSs in the supported languages. Allowing employees to search for MSDSs in their local language increases compliance for those facilities with multilingual employees.

Additionally, 3E Company's new Global MSDS Attachment Module enables customers to upload and attach multiple language and multiple jurisdiction MSDSs to their current 3E Company-managed MSDS catalog. Customers also have the ability to attach MSDSs to an existing product in the catalog or create a new catalog entry to add the MSDS as a new product. Once the MSDSs are uploaded into the system, enhanced search functionality enables customers to search in the supported languages.

In addition to loading the multiple language MSDSs into the system, the customer may edit the properties of uploaded documents or attach revised MSDSs. The customer also has the ability to enter localized search criteria and allow users to search for products in their local language. 3E Online-MSDS 5.1 customers also have 24-7-365 access to 3E Company's unique HazMat Mission Control Center, which offers unparalleled support to customers seeking information and guidance on compliance issues.

'As the largest provider of MSDS management services in the world, 3E Company is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive, internationalized MSDS management solution. No other MSDS vendor management solution provider can offer the breadth and depth of service that 3E does,' said Bob Christie, CEO and president, 3E Company. 'The introduction of these international capabilities strengthens our leadership position and reaffirms our commitment to support our customers' workplace safety efforts for their global operations.'

3E Online-MSDS 5.1 also boasts a modified search screen which not only allows customers to search for products in multiple languages, but also allows for new features and functionality; further internationalization enhancements, including support for additional languages, will be introduced throughout the year. 3E Online-MSDS 5.1 and the Global MSDS Attachments Module are available immediately. Pricing for 3E-Online-MSDS 5.1 is set on a volume-based annual program subscription fee, as are any additional modules purchased; pricing for the Global MSDS Attachments Module is based on document volume.

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