3E Company executes solutions strategy for GHS support


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3E Company®, the leading provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, has reported on the fulfillment of its GHS solutions strategy. As the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is adopted in countries and regions around the globe, 3E Company has expanded its broad suite of innovative products and services to simplify support for the new system. In addition, the Company has become widely recognized as a GHS thought leader, with several of its experts publishing articles and delivering presentations on the topic.

Over the past several months, 3E Company has provided a wide range of customers with proven solutions for GHS. The Company has built upon this hands-on experience to further enrich its GHS solution offerings. This experience, combined with 3E Company's industry leading Ariel global chemical and regulatory content and MSDS authoring services, has further strengthened 3E Company's position as a premier provider of data services and solutions for GHS.

3E Company's GHS services and solutions include the following:

* The Ariel WebInsight™ online chemical regulatory compliance reference tool, which provides quick access to official GHS classifications including the Japanese NITE classifications, the Korean KOSHA classifications, the New Zealand and the EU CLP classifications, GHS labels in multiple languages, and GHS full text of regulations and status updates.
* The Ariel Data Manager™ (ADM) integrated content tool, which feeds chemical regulatory data into standard ERP platforms, such as SAP® EH&S, as well as various other corporate EH&S systems. GHS support includes GHS data, GHS classification and labeling rules (country specific implementations) and multi-lingual GHS phrases.
* A broad suite of outsourced services, including Ariel MSDS Authoring & Professional Services, which can be tailored to a company's needs. 3E Company can provide GHS classification of substances and mixtures as a separate service and/or as part of MSDSs and label authoring for companies that want GHS classification. 3E Company can also author MSDSs in compliance with GHS requirements for the country or region that has adopted GHS.
* The MSDgen MSDS authoring system, which generates a variety of Hazard Communication documents that accommodate the requirements outlined in the GHS, including country-specific adaptations of the building blocks and document templates (e.g. EU, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China).
* The award-winning 3E Online-MSDS management system, which enables users to search, print, view and email vendor and raw material MSDSs in a company-specific database via a web browser interface. As GHS requirements increase the burden of vendor MSDS management, 3E Company's solutions can help reduce the time and resources necessary for effective compliance management.

Companies in a number of industries have turned to 3E Company as a trusted source of GHS support with positive results. 'With GHS and REACH looming, we knew that our MSDS processes had to be improved and tightened up. MSDgen gave us the platform,' said Kelvin Roth, Corporate Manager for Environment, Health & Safety, AMCOL International.

'The scope of GHS is vast, and implementing the compliance activities associated with it into the enterprise is no easy task. Companies need to re-evaluate how their substances and mixtures are classified for each regulatory entity, country and/or region and will likely need to re-issue several MSDSs and labels,' said Jytte Syska, President, Ariel Operations & Managing Director, 3E Company Europe. '3E Company is at forefront of the changing regulatory landscape and we are continually leveraging our vast knowledgebase to help our customers work more efficiently. Our regulatory experts are constantly modifying and expanding our solutions to help our customers effectively conform with the global chemical regulatory obligations associated with GHS.'

3E Company's regulatory experts have contributed to several leading EH&S publications and spoken at a variety of popular conferences, including:

* 'Understanding the Impact of GHS,' published in the ASUG Environmental Health & Compliance SIG's February 2008 Newsletter
* 'GHS - No Panacea for Employee Hazmat Safety,' presented at the AIHce's Annual Conference in June 2008
* 'Current status and prospects of Korean chemical regulations: New chemicals, GHS and (M)SDS,' presented at Chemical Notification World Summit in September 2008
* 'Developing a Better Understanding of GHS and How it Links to REACH,' presented at REACH 2009 in January 2009
* 'Solutions for GHS - What you need to know,' published in the ASUG Environmental Health & Safety SIG's April 2009 Newsletter
* 'The ABCs of GHS, REACH and more,' to be presented at the AHMP's Annual Conference in September 2009

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