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3E Company introduces powerful compliance solution for flavor, food and beverage manufacturers


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3E Company®, the leading provider of environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today introduced ArielLogic for Food & Flavors, a powerful compliance solution for global Flavor, Food and Beverage manufacturers. ArielLogic is a web-based application that offers centralized access to comprehensive and current information on flavor and food additive regulations, which is essential for achieving and maintaining global product compliance.

This innovative tool increases employee efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent researching regulatory obligations. Staff can now quickly respond to supplier questionnaires or use the tool to audit suppliers, leading to improved resource allocation. ArielLogic also enables companies to reduce time-to-market as restricted substances are eliminated early in the development cycle.

ArielLogic offers powerful rule-based decision support functionality, enabling users to rapidly identify the impact of regulations on a specific product formulation. In addition, the solution functions as a powerful reference tool for research purposes. Robust search features return critical information in a few simple clicks. The full text of regulations is provided for review, as well as more condensed overviews for quick reference.

Key features include:

* Formulation Check. Enables users to enter and save a product formulation with hundreds of ingredients by typing in the data or importing it from an existing spreadsheet. Users can enter and compare usage levels and specific end use requirements.
* Exception Reports for Multiple Countries. Enables users to quickly identify ingredients that might be restricted in a specific type of food or beverage product, country or based on concentration limits.
* Custom Regulatory Lists. Enables the configuration of regulatory lists based on customer specific restrictions.
* Security. Ensures trade secret and formulation information is secure with password hashing and https security.

'Flavor, food and beverage manufacturers face many challenges related to product compliance. ArielLogic for Food and Flavor alleviates the burden of regulatory compliance by eliminating the need to spend hours researching global regulations and making it easier to quickly identify approved uses for an ingredient in a specific country, or region,' said Julia Tsvetkova, Product Manager, 3E Company. 'Access to accurate and consistent regulatory information is invaluable to flavor, food and beverage companies —- especially during the R&D process, when formulations can be easily altered to eliminate restricted substances.'

3E Company's Ariel Global Research Team researches, procures and updates the global regulatory content that is delivered by ArielLogic. The team consists of professionals with legal expertise and active relationships with government agencies around the world that provide assistance in procuring and analyzing legislation.

ArielLogic for Food & Flavors is available immediately. The solution currently provides regulatory data for multiple countries throughout the world, including US, Canada, Mexico, EU, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. More countries and regulatory coverage will be added on a regular basis.

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