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Service helps facilitate compliance with hazardous waste management obligations

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 — 3E Company®, the leading provider of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced its new Waste Classification service, which streamlines the hazardous waste management process and helps customers fulfill their hazardous waste compliance obligations. The service assists customers in identifying, classifying and managing their hazardous waste to create a comprehensive and effective hazardous waste management program. Proper identification and classification of hazardous waste is a critical component of an efficient waste management program and helps ensure successful compliance with U.S. federal and state waste regulations.

The new Waste Classification service is backed by 3E Company's premier database of hazardous materials information, which contains millions of material safety data sheets (MSDS), related chemical information, global regulatory information and professional resources. 3E Company's in-house team of hazardous materials specialists, which has more than 100 years of combined professional EH&S experience, performs the waste classification. The team reviews a customer's product inventory and applicable MSDSs, identifies items that would be regulated as hazardous waste, and then classifies the products according to federal and state regulations. 3E Company maintains the integrity of its data by continually reviewing the database of hazardous materials information and monitoring changes to hazardous waste regulations.

To further simplify the waste management process, customers can receive the Waste Classification data in a variety of different formats, including as a report or data file that can be integrated directly into their corporate system, reducing data management costs. Classification data can be integrated into 3E Company's existing suite of waste management services to help provide a total waste management solution. Additionally, Waste Classification customers have access to 3E Company's unique 24-7-365 HazMat Mission Control Center should they have any additional questions or require assistance with waste classification or management.

'Over the last year, there has been a visible increase in hazardous waste incidents,' said Isaac Powell, Product Manager, 3E Company. 'As a result, many companies are taking a closer look at their hazardous waste management programs and realizing they are inadequate. 3E Company's new Waste Classification service is a valuable resource that can help these companies fulfill hazardous waste compliance obligations, avoid fines and maximize employee safety.'

3E Company's new Waste Classification service is available immediately and may be purchased on a one-time or subscription basis. Pricing is based on the number and scope of products reviewed.

About 3E Company

3E Company is the first company to provide a comprehensive suite of services for environmental, health and safety (EH&S) related chemical and hazardous materials information and compliance management that addresses the entire chemical lifecycle. This suite of services includes regulatory research; MSDS authoring, distribution and management; transportation; emergency response; training; regulatory reporting; and hazardous waste management. 3E has the industry leading combination of a 24-7-365 hazmat mission control call center, with an online platform for hazmat compliance information management, all built on a foundation of the world's premier hazardous substance database of global regulatory and compliance information. Its international, multi-lingual professional staff is composed of regulatory specialists, experienced product stewards, industrial hygienists, attorneys, chemists and chemical engineers, MSDS experts and EH&S systems consultants.

3E's services offer a cost effective program for global regulatory compliance management by alleviating the pain, managing risk, increasing the efficiency and enhancing staff productivity and enabling EH&S professionals to focus on more strategic functions. Today more than 7,000 customers have partnered with 3E including Costco Wholesale Corporation, America West, Eastman Chemical, Temple-Inland, Menasha and PacifiCorp. 3E was founded in 1988 and is the recipient of the 2002, 2003 and 2005 Commitment to Worker Safety Awards in Online and MSDS Services from Compliance Magazine, which also recognized 3E Online-MSDS in 2005 with an Award of Excellence for its Best of the Web Awards. The privately held company is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA with additional operations in Bethesda, MD, Kingsport, TN, and Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information on 3E Company, visit www.3ecompany.com , send e-mail to info@3ecompany.com or call 800-360-3220.

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