3M launches new particulate respirator with nuisance level organic vapour and ozone relief


Source: 3M

Diversified technology company 3M is delighted to announce the launch of its new speciality product, the 9922 FFP2 Particulate Respirator. The latest addition to 3M’s comprehensive range of maintenance free respirators provides comfortable protection against fine dusts and oil and water-based mists. In addition, the 9922 provides relief from nuisance levels (nuisance level refers to airborne concentrations below the Workplace Exposure Limit) of organic vapours from solvents, degreasers and resins, as well as essential protection against respiratory hazards generated during welding, such as welding fume and ozone gas.*

Relevant workers need to be encouraged to wear respirators, so it is essential that they are comfortable to wear. The lightweight construction of the 9922 Respirator promotes greater comfort and contributes to increased wear time. This makes it ideal for applications and workplaces such as: woodworking, foundry operations, waste management, laboratories, agriculture, petrochemical manufacturing and welding, where particles and nuisance levels of organic vapours may be present.

Features and benefits of the new design include:
• A collapse resistant, robust shell and cup design, which conforms well to most face shapes and sizes.
• 3M Advanced Electret Filter Media, which gives consistent high filtering performance.
• 3M Cool Flow Valve, which allows effective removal of heat and moisture for a cooler, more comfortable wear and to reduce fogging of eyewear.
• Blue colour coded straps, which make the respirator’s performance level easy to recognise as FFP2.
• A carbon layer, which provides protection against nuisance level odours and ozone gas.

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