4 Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems for Egypt


Source: Environnement S.A Group - envea

The GIZA NORTH Power Plant consists of two modules: each module configured in a 2x2x1 arrangement with two Combustion Turbine Generators (CTGs), two Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and one Steam Turbine Generator (STG). Each module has a rated nominal capacity of 750 MW. Scope of supply: 4 (four) CEMS/Shelters, comprising each a MIR9000 with CLD option, an MVS switching system, 2 SEC sampling systems and iseo's DAHS WEX software. Each CEMS will monitor and record the pollutants for each HRSG and gas turbine exhaust stack in switching mode and will measure O2, CO, NOX, and SO2. Samples from the two stacks of each train (consists of one CTG and one HRSG) shall be routed to a separate CEMS shelter.

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