40 Years of NIVUS Measurement Technology


Source: NIVUS GmbH

Forty years ago, in the spring of 1967, 'Udo Steppe Elektrotechnik' was founded. The former electric wholesaler very rapidly became a measurement technology distributor, emerging as today’s NIVUS GmbH in 1978.

Then and now the foremost aim was being capable of providing 'Tomorrow’s Measurement Technology“. From the very beginning NIVUS have been setting new standards doing pioneering work in the field of non-contact ultrasonic measurement technology.

Today the product range includes metering equipment for flow, water quality and level as well as process measurement systems.

Production as well as software and hardware research and development are carried out by in-house divisions.

Another part of the NIVUS product line is the implementation of sophisticated measurement projects in conjunction with municipal surveys regarding hydrologic conditions. An interdisciplinary team consisting of engineers and technicians is responsible to perform measurement campaigns from the planning stage to data evaluation. The main focus here is to record data on flow rates and water quality in channel networks and water bodies.

NVUS have conquered international markets with outstanding products and by recognising the signs of change at an early stage.

A new chapter of the company history was opened by founding the Swiss subsidiary NIVUS AG in 1991. Since then the company has been growing steadily.

At the moment there are subsidiaries in France, Austria, Poland and Great Britain as well as representatives all over the world.

Today a staff of more than 100 qualified employees has made NIVUS the market leader in many areas.

User requirements will steadily rise in the future – and NIVUS are prepared to take up the challenge. Consistently conducting research and development is the basis for NIVUS to maintain the leading position in water and waste water economy.

40 Years of NIVUS – four decades of Competence, Innovation and Quality!

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