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Source: AirProtekt Limited

One of the world’s largest single stream LDPE production plants is to use a Regenerative Thermal Oxidation system (RTO) supplied by AirProtekt, the Cambridge based air pollution specialist, to remove VOCs in the process gases from the plant’s dryer system and six storage silos.

AirProtekt is providing a complete VOC emission control solution for SABIC UK Petrochemicals’ 400,000tpa LDPE plant at the Wilton International Site on Teesside in the UK by supplying a 5-bed ROXITHERM RTK 70 Regenerative Thermal Oxidation system (RTO) from Lufttechnik Bayreuth (LTB) of Germany.  

AirProtekt is the sole UK distributor of Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers for Lufttechnik Bayreuth (LTB) of Germany.  LTB has in-depth experience of European air pollution regulations and has installed more than 200 RTO systems across Europe.

The ROXITHERM RTK 70 system is being tailored to comply with the LDPE processor’s specific emission regulation requirements.

The new RTO system is designed to combine very high thermal efficiencies (up to 97 percent) and while minimising operating costs.  The system is capable of treating high volumes of exhaust gases and is able to handle exhaust air flowrates up to 73.500 Nm³/h at 50°C.

ROXITHERM RTK 70’s high temperature operation is capable of achieving more than 99 percent VOC destruction efficiency.  A purge system is featured to prevent emissions of untreated VOCs during the valve operating cycle.

AirProtekt’s total package concept embraces process assessment, project design, supply of the air pollution equipment, installation and commissioning.  The air pollution specialist also provides a complete after sales service.

Trevor Lawton, AirProtekt’s managing director said: “This application highlights our engineering expertise which enabled us to offer the plant’s main contractor, Simon Carves, a competitively priced project solution with a design flexibility that enabled a large RTO system to be efficiently packaged to maximise the potential of the limited available space.”

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