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4100 E09 Electronics Package for TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC Oil in Water Monitors

Fresno, CA USA -- Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc., Anticipating industry demands, has created a new high functionality user interface for our oil in water process and environmental discharge monitors.  “Our new electronics package is Site-Ready and allows the fastest set-up and calibration on the market.  Total set up and calibration in less than one hour after hookup and sample preparation will remarkably reduce field service costs”, states Gary Bartman, President.  Calibration and set up parameters can be easily transferred via USB from instrument to instrument in same application situations.  True multi-point calibrations including non-linear capability are standard with optional Ethernet and Wireless Communication. 

On-board data logger stores over 18 months of data depending on the user selected data rate.  Entire data file can be downloaded to a USB or transferred via Ethernet for easy diagnostics of the monitored separation systems.  To reduce the high cost of multi-point monitoring, we now have on-board control and monitoring of two sample streams including individual calibrations for each stream.  Both the TD-4100XD and the TD-4100XDC can be equipped with sample switching valves mounted on existing skid.

Several new features were included to enhance functionality:

•    High-resolution color LCD graphics local display with menu-driven functions, and display modes.  Displays both numerical and graphical current concentration as well as history. 
•    Local controls - Intrinsically Safe Stainless Steel Piezo-electric keypad with function keys for immediate access to key instrument features.
•    USB drive allows immediate back up and down load of all data from the monitor including internally stored set up details, alarm history, concentration vs. time, calibration data, and event history and instrument diagnostics.  It also allows automatic installation of firmware upgrades and the reinstatement of complete set up and calibration on replacement or repaired instruments.
•    Dry-contact relays (6 amp, 250 VAC) for control of the TDHI Sample Switching System for two sample streams, Automatic Cell Cleaning System (available on the XDC), alarm enunciation and on/off control of auxiliary devices.
•    Holds two separate calibrations, one for each sample stream in the Dual Stream mode. 
•    Calibrate with either synthesized samples or by correlation to field or lab sample analysis.  Adjust calibration with results from additional samples over time to compensate for changes in the process. 

4100 E09 is now standard on all TD-4100XD and TD-4100XDC oil in water monitors.  Call or write for the latest brochure and price quote for your application.

Additional information is available by contacting:
Tel 559-253-1414 Fax: 559-253-1090 E-mail: medwards@oilinwatermonitors.com

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. is the industry leader in oil-in-water monitors. With a reputation for producing highly accurate and reliable instruments through quality design and manufacturing, TDHI provides monitors for a wide range of applications for the petroleum, maritime, power generation and clean water industries as well as other industrial applications where hydrocarbon contamination is an issue.  All of our instruments are backed by expert knowledge and a world class field service department. 

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