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44% of packaging recycled in Spain


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Fedemco (Spanish federation of manufacturers of wooden crates and their components) has collaborated with Ecoembes (a government-mandated company which finances, coordinates and promotes recycling of waste) on an analysis of the status of waste from containers, packaging and wooden pallets in Spain in 2005 with regard to the goals included in the 2004/12/CE Directive. This specified a minimum figure of 15% for recycling of wood, and 55% for other materials by 2008.

The recycling rate was 46.5% in 2005, representing 438,000 tonnes re-used out of a total of 942,000 tonnes of waste, with 44% recycled (an increase of 1% on the preceding year) and 2.6% energy generation (25,000 tonnes). Businesses report a 7% increase in the volume of new and re-used containers and packaging. More re-use of packaging and pallets, and a slight increase in imports compensated for a lower export volume. The balance of payments, less favourable to exports, showed a significant increase in the volume of waste in Spain.

Waste collection saw a 14% increase in volume, due mainly to the increase of 30% in recycling, mainly in the form of agglomerate sheets, contrasting with a possible stagnation in the repair and resale of packaging and used pallets. Compared to the previous year, the volume of recycling increased from 9,856 to 24,662 tonnes, and the volume of waste going to approved landfills increased by 6%.

The pallet is the major form of wooden packaging managed by users and recyclers, especially in terms of re-use.

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