5 kinds of processing method for acrylic products

5 kinds of processing method for acrylic products

Acrylic has become the production materials widely because of its good physical properties, but Acrylic factory is how to put the acrylic sheet processed into acrylic products with all kinds of bright color, shapes?

Mr. Chen who comes from Sunday Knight Co.,Ltd with more than 10 years experience in the acrylic products said, the current commonly acrylic products processing method are including the method of section, shaping method, heating method, bonding method etc..

1, Section method: the colour acrylic block repeatedly stacked together, and then directly grinding section forming. Acrylic products which were produced by this method will be in changeable color, the goods can often gives us a very beautiful visual effect.

2, Heating method: make the acrylic to a certain shape, and heating, directly make it shaped with hand, This method requires us to have a composition and a well-thought-out plan, the handicraft made with flowing lines, simple image etc..

3, Mosaic method: the various color acrylic block was cut into a desired geometry, and then in the mosaic mold. This method requires splicing acrylic block tight. The goods which was made by this method has strong color and abstract style, refined aesthetic effect.

4, Shaping method: the acrylic material is melted by heating, and then use the mould to shape. Acrylic products which were made by this method are plump, with smooth lines, has strong stereo feeling and the simple sense of relief,current widely used in acrylic crafts.

5, Bonding: cutting acrylic into a desired shape, glue bonding by special operation in flat or shaped mold.

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