`50 Feet of Sea Level Rise Already Baked-In` - Vital Voices´ Rebecca R. Rubin Interviews High Tide on Main Street Author and Oceanographer, John Englander


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Fredericksburg, VA (PRWEB) April 22, 2013 -- Dispelling any doubts about the existence of global warming and likelihood of dramatically-rising seas, oceanographer and author, John Englander, describes to Rebecca R. Rubin, host of Vital Voices of the Environment, why 50 feet of sea level rise is already a certainty, and how current models exclude wild-card events that could mean 6 feet of sea level rise in as little as 30 - 40 years.

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"In a way that is clear and compelling, John Englander has presented us with a sobering picture of a rapidly warming planet and resulting sea level rise projections," said Rebecca R. Rubin, CEO of Marstel Day and host of Vital Voices of the Environment. "Using indisputable historical data, he shows us that atmospheric CO2, global temperatures and sea level are inexorably tied to one another and that the current rates of sea level rise reflect the record amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere."

John Englander is an oceanographer, consultant and author that combines personal experiences as a global ocean explorer with expeditions in Antarctica, Greenland, the High Arctic and deep dives in research submarines to advance his mission as a clear, objective voice on our changing climate and oceans. In addition, he has served as CEO of the Cousteau and International Seakeepers Societies.

His just-published book, High Tide on Main Street, finally presents the public with a clearly written and jargon-free explanation for why major sea level rise is inevitable and why coastal communities across the globe must embrace adaptive strategies in short order.

In his interview with Rubin, Englander asserts that "even if we stop the warming today, we're still going to get this rising sea, because the heat is already in the pipeline… we know that we have to eventually get 50 feet of sea level rise." But far from purveying a Chicken Little attitude, Englander emphasizes that if we take action today and begin employing creative adaptation strategies, we can successfully chart these uncertain waters.

"John is one of many that have written and spoken on the subject of climate and sea level rise, and yet he brings a unique perspective," said Rubin. "We're fortunate to have in John a clear and practical voice that cuts through the jargon and muddled explanations of why today's rapidly warming planet is leading to sea level rising at an unprecedented rate."

"Vital Voices of the Environment" is a series of interviews with critical environmental thinkers and planners of our times, each of whom offers unique insight on the key issues we face now and for the environmental future of our planet.

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