50 Years of WTW at the IFAT


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The history of the IFAT began in 1966 with 147 exhibitors and 10,200 visitors. 50 years later, these numbers are quite a bit more impressive: As a world fair for environmental technoloqy, the IFAT welcomed 138,000 visitors from 170 countries between May 30 and June 3. WTW was an exhibitor fifty years ago and has been every year since. In our booth, together with our sister company MJK under the Xylem banner, we presented our product highlights at this anniversary show and had countless conversations with our customers, partners and interested parties.

System 282/284 live and up close

The presentation of our new system 282/284 was a complete success. The first hands-on experience for the visitors of our booth resulted in positive feedback throughout. The clear display, the easy menu guide and the standard integrated USB interface and internal data memory make this new monitor a highly sophisticated system. If you connect up to 4 sensors, a maximum of 20 parameters (e.g.: CSB, O2, NH4, NO3, PO4, sludge level) can be monitored. With its 282/284 system, WTW offers an outstanding system for small and medium sized waste treatment plants. If needed, the measuring location can be equipped with an ethernet or fieldbus interface to be able to keep an eye on the measured values from remote locations at all times, or to be able to connect a control system.

Optical reagent-free (OptRF) measurement in the lab is gaining importance

Many conversations at the booth at the IFAT showed that the optical reagent-free (OptRF) measurement of CSB, nitrate and nitrite in practice is being considered more and more as a supplemental process and could become a real alternative. The good results versus classical measurements, the significant reduction in environmentally hazardous substances such as potassium dichromate and last but not least the cost factor speak for this development. In addition to 230 other programs and extensive programming options, the WTW photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS with OptRF offers these possibilities. The visitors at the show also repeatedly complimented the intuitive operational concept and its clear menu structure.

Freely connected – IDS goes wireless

As another highlight of this year's show, we introduced the new IDS system with universal radio modules, which allow the wireless transmission of pH/ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Here, it was mostly the questions about data security and energy consumption that were asked at the booth. However, especially these points were already considered during the initial phases of product development. In the production facility in Weilheim, we use only high quality components which warrant long operating times and absolute security during data transmission by the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Beer garden serves as perfect location for exchanges

In addition to the products, shows such as the IFAT always put priority on the people involved. And what could be better than our beer garden with Weißwurst and Pretzels for the professional exchange of ideas in a comfortable atmosphere? 

We thank you very much for the many interesting conversations, the valuable input about our products and the friendly meetings with customers, partners and interested parties. We are already looking forward to the next 50 years of WTW at the IFAT.

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