600 & counting - Merger in magnetic separation technology


Source: Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH

Combination of two organisations almost 600 days ago has resulted in the emergence of a strong, capable and dynamic force in magnetic separation technology.

Steinert Sturton-Gill Magnetics of Melbourne, Australia, began with the foresight and needs of two separate entities, half a world apart. While both were leaders in their respective fields and both share extensive expertise in magnetic technology, there was very little overlap in either applications or geographic presence. As it turned out, this has become one of the primary strengths of the new organisation.

Steinert GmbH and Sturton-Gill Engineering (Melbourne, Australia) had independently progressed to capture market shares using very similar, yet distinctively different use of magnetics. Steinert GmbH has earned a reputation as a primary source for non-ferrous and ferrous recovery, with unique designs of Eddy Current units and air-cooled Electro Magnets. Sturton-Gill Engineering has had similar results from its extensive range of Wet Drums and oil-cooled Electro Magnets. This depth of product and application expertise now extends throughout the World with this seamless integration.

The most gratifying effect of this merger is from the employees themselves. It has become pure synergy with enthusiastic sharing of knowledge by the transfer of core expertise between groups. Lines of communication are totally open, financial support is readily available, and individual talents recognised and encouraged! This is a remarkable feat in today’s world of corporate mergers and dismantling of long established brands. If the 1st 600 days are any indication, the Steinert name will continue to command attention and respect through the World.

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