6400 sq. ft. Containment Done In One Hour!


Source: Americover, Inc.

Gage Browning, Americover's newest representative for BearAcade wowed contractors in Puerto Rico with the BearAcade method of containment. Gage not only showed how quickly a containment can be done, but also how work injuries would be reduced by the almost complete elimination of ladder work. One contractor was so excited about never having to be on his knees taping down plastic again that he couldn't stop shaking Gage's hand and thanking him.

Americover has also signed on two distributors in Japan for the BearAcade and is currently working on expanding into the U.K. This product has had extraordinary acceptance in the containment industry.

There have not been any changes that save time and energy in the asbestos containment world in about 20 years. BearAcade was an idea conceived by an asbestos abatement contractor looking for a better way to do containments.

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