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£7m asphalt recycling plant nears completion


Source: Materials Recycling Week

A £7m computer-controlled asphalt recycling plant in Erith, Kent, will be complete by the summer, said its owners. Civil engineering and recycling firm FM Conway expects the facility to handle up to 400,000 tonnes of recyclables a year, mainly from London and the south east. It may accept ship-borne aggregates in future The plant will also contain 2,000sq ft, two-storey offices, which will house the sales and orders departments.

FM Conway managing director Michael Conway said: “This new plant will set us apart from the competition and the investment will certainly allow the business to develop further.

Recycling and the environment are at the core of what we do. It is envisaged that the plant will take recycled aggregates from other sites and use aggregates from projects we are working on.”

When complete, the complex will have the capacity for 24,000 tonnes of aggregate, which will be stored and kept dry using an existing eight-bay storage system. Bitumen and recycled road planings from other projects will also be used in the production process.

The plant is being constructed by Benninghoven, a construction company which specialises in asphalt recycling plants. It is the biggest project of its kind undertaken by Benninghoven in the UK.

£7m asphalt recycling plant nears completion

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