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7T Becomes Member of New Center for Model Based Control


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The Center for Model Based Control (CMBC) is a newly founded consortium of public and private interests. Danish government and industry are staking considerable financial and knowledge resources on advancing a new industrial technology - model based monitoring and regulation. CMBC strives to develop and test industry-applicable and financially beneficial concepts within this field.

"The main purpose of CMBC is to improve the competitiveness of Danish industry in the use of model based monitoring and regulation. This includes making industrial processes more effective and integrating model based monitoring and regulation in monitoring products for industry."

7-Technologies has joined this consortium to gain knowledge which can be used to improve its model based products used for regulating and optimizing water and energy supply systems.

CMBC funding comes from the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Development with a contribution of DKK 14.3 million. Six private companies have earmarked resources corresponding to DKK 16 million.

In addition to 7-Technologies A/S, the other members of the consortium are well-known companies such as Danfoss, FLS Automation A/S, Elsam A/S as well as several universities and a GTS company.

CMBC started its work in the beginning of 2003 and will continue until the end of 2006.

For more information about CMBC, click here (in Danish only)

For further information about 7T's stake in the work of CMBC, contact Manager of Projects and Training, Lars Gottlieb.

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