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7T Lands TERMIS Order for the Whole of Estonia


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Untitled Document The Estonian utility company Tallinna Küte / Era Küte has placed an order for TERMIS Real-Time for operational management of their district heating systems in Estonia. The software is installed on an ASP server in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, allowing multiple users across the country access to it via the internet. Tallinna Küte operates the system in Tallinn while Era Küte operates outside Tallinn. The concession holder is Dalkia Esti, one of the biggest operators within energy systems in Europe. Dalkia is owned by Veolia and Electricité de France.

The implementation of TERMIS Real-Time is being done by the Danish company COWI, an experienced TERMIS system integrator with several projects both in Scandinavia and worldwide. The project started May 1 and the system will be up and running real-time in Tallinn by June 15 with a subsequent fine tuning period of two months.

Use of the system is not limited to Dalkia Esti. Other Dalkia operations worldwide will access the ASP server in Tallinn to use TERMIS for design and analysis purposes.

Key specifications for the installation:

Population of Tallinn: 400,000

Length of pipeline network: 435 km

Number of substations from supplier to consumer: 3,500

System capacity: 900 MW

For more information please contact Director Utilities, Svend Strunge.

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